World Sauvignon Competition : Domaine Delobel impresses by obtaining a trophy for the 2nd consecutive year!

World Sauvignon Competition :

Domaine Delobel impresses by obtaining a trophy for the 2nd consecutive year!

With Cuvée B de Oisly 2018 « Révélation Sauvignon biologique 2020 » and Cuvée Exponentielle 2018 "gold medal", Domaine Delobel has once again distinguished itself at the World Sauvignon Competition.


Each year, a panel of sixty international experts who share the same passion for Sauvignon Blanc meets for the World Sauvignon Competition around an international selection of wines from this grape variety to distinguish the excellence (in 2020 : 1110 wines from 24 countries). After the special « Denis Dubourdieu » trophy at the 2019 World Sauvignon Competition obtained by the Cuvée Exponentielle 2017, it is the turn of the Cuvée Exponentielle 2018 to be honored in 2020 with the award of a “Gold Medal ". Cuvée B de Oisly 2018 obtains its first trophy as « Révélation Sauvignon Biologique 2020 ».

After a subtle marriage of barrel and Sauvignon, it is the expression of the terroir associated with the purity of Sauvignon which is honored in 2020 at Domaine Delobel with the B de Oisly.


B de Oisly 2018 - AOC Touraine Oisly

Révélation Sauvignon Biologique au Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2020

A Sauvignon with volume and substance, and exotic aromas full of richness and maturity

Exponentielle 2018 - AOC Touraine

Médaille d’or au Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2020

the result of a blend  between the  complex aromatic expression of the minerality and freshness of Sauvignon and an elegant structure linked to a wooden vinification



An exceptional terroir rewarded !

The AOC Touraine Oisly is an exceptional terroir. Firstly, thanks to the deep clayey-sandy soil typical of the AOC. This layer of clay keeps freshness deep during periods of drought in the soil, this induces a significant advantage, especially during the later heat waves; the aromatic freshness in the Sauvignon AOC Touraine Oisly is thus preserved. But also a historic terroir : the first Sauvignon vine - "Surin" - was grafted at Oisly in the 19th century. During the 2020 World Sauvignon Competition, this terroir was widely recognized thanks to a fine harvest of medals for this appellation : 1 revelation, 6 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal out of the 11 winegrowers producing the Touraine Oisly AOC.

Domaine Delobel is the only AOC Touraine Oisly estate, certified in Organic Agriculture on all these areas.


The 2018 Vintage, "a solar vintage" !

After 2 consecutive years of frost, the vines revealed a nice harvest potential when they woke up in the spring.  With Spring frosts (until the Ice Saints) over without damage, "tropical" climatic conditions (high heat and humidity) settled on the vineyard during May and June. These conditions  created a significant danger of disease which induced a risk of catastrophic crop loss  if  not controlled, all the more so for vineyards used in organic viticulture, such as Domaine Delobel. Thanks to the perseverance of Benjamin Delobel, the vines  performed wonderfully in quantity and quality. But with harvest time  coming  the vines suffered another climatic situation : an extreme heat wave.

The result however is sublime, with perfect maturity and a good amount of harvest thanks to the mastery of the vineyard, in organic farming, by Benjamin Delobel and the optimization of harvest dates by Sandrine Delobel.




The B de Oisly in 4 words : organic cultivation, old grape vines, morning harvested by hand and aged on the lees!

Cuvée B de Oisly comes from the terroirs specific to the AOC Touraine Oisly and vines planted around 1965 cultivated organically, located in the towns of Oisly and Choussy. The harvest is done manually by a team of thirty people  in the early morning to keep the freshness of the aromas of this grape variety Le Sauvignon (for the 2018 harvest,faced with the heat wave, the team was ready to roll at sunriseand stopped  at noon ). On leaving the press, this exceptional grape juice is then cold stabilized for a few days (the grape juice is left on these fine lees to allow the natural extraction of the grape's aromas). The alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at 17 °C for 1 month. Then an aging on fine lees is carried out until May.

"Manual harvesting and a long aging on lees allow the expression of this aromatic typical of the terroir of the AOC Touraine Oisly". Cuvée B from Oisly represents 8800 bottles, or around 20% of the Domaine's production.


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